Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The teen dream will eventually sag, wrinkle and decompose...

Some of you may be puzzled as to why there has been such an emphasis on adolescents from decades of yore and not animals or rouge taxidermy.
I am about to compile a zine of these drawings which I will make available on this blog.  I am yet to finish it, name it, write anything for it, but it will be coming out on Thursday.   You will laugh, cry and give birth with the sheer emotional force.

After being a devout lover of 90210 when I was a chill'un (which extended to the fanny pack, playing cards, nightie, magazine, puzzle and figurine) it was only appropriate to draw Shannon Doherty in her prime.  With a demure expression on her otherwise slutty exterior, Brenda was the quintessential bad girl obstructed only by dowdiness and a criminally attractive twin brother.  Luckily she met Dylan, hussied it up and became every girl's idol.

James Spader.  I did this last night when I was so tired that my eyes were starting to water.  Hence the failed attempt at Adonis.  Perhaps I am not ready to sketch such perfection?

Johnny Depp.  Sadly his foray into pantomime has taken away from the glory of the younger Depp.  Present-day Depp is a joke.  21 Jump Street Depp was a dream.

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