Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falling off the edge of the earth...

...prior to this, I decided to immortalise the people's favourite pooch, Mary Jane. No feat is too large for this wild beast, who managed to jump through a glass window and attack a builder. All in the name of love for her beloved owner Rahui, of course. Mary Jane is the most famous dog in all the land, particularly Petone, so it only seemed fitting to paint her for Rahui's birthday. Unsurprisingly, the eve of gift bestowal saw your favourite animal portrait enthusiast almost meet her grim demise at the bottom of a cliff... I am left triumphantly unscathed, apart from a few cuts and bruises.

This was originally a tiger, then a cougar and now it has evolved into a mighty lion, the power animal of many. My power animal would have to be a cocker spaniel due to our similarity in hair colour (spaniels of the caramel persuasion) and fighting spirit, not to mention my spiritual connection with a now deceased spaniel named George. RIP George.
I secretly wish my power animal was something more glamorous like a horse, but I am terrified of horses ever since superman was killed by one. RIP Christopher Reeves.

The sinister beast Lagomorpha. The first attempt at a non-rouge taxidermy fusion of hare and antelope, it is not surprising to feel as though this rabbit is missing something. Namely horns.

Following an inspirational day of foraging with Jimmy we found this special nativity set at the local Salvation Army. The gold paint was not included. Nor was the rat-king baby Jesus.

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