Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a Quarter to Christmaas...

As that magical time is about to descend upon us I thought it only fitting to include one of my favourites: Peter the Jackalope (as named by his owner, I would have named him Maverick) who really opened up my eyes to animal diversity and ... Christmas. Peter is in fact a replica of the dark practice of rogue taxidermy which was alerted to me about six months ago As an anally retentive vegetarian I found it hard to look at images of animals stuffed to replicate their former glory. But then something happened and I saw this:

...something inside of me had changed forever. My soul was conflicted with violent emotions. It was cute, yet clearly Satanic; it was Republican yet Democrat; a rabbit yet an antelope! On discovering there was an intricate culture following the Jackalope, I knew I had to probe further into the rogue arts:

A mythic lamb/narwhal/biker fusion. Delving further only ignited a deeper emotional response:

The mighty Capricorn!

Too far...

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