Monday, December 22, 2008

I think I am now legally blind...

It is that dreaded time of year where there are friends birthdays, my brother's birthday and Christmas. So this is the beginning of the animal onslaught that is December... Introducing wolfie.
Now my brother was very adamant that he wanted a tiger, but after painting a tiger for my sister and later for my cousin I felt a tiger was grossly inappropriate (not to mention how upset my sister was on the discovery that I had gone behind her back and cheapened her power animal by duplicating it and giving it to our cousin). Another predator perhaps...

It was then that I thought of the wolf. A lone, majestic creature, completely unlike dear brother and garish enough to amuse him. Here is the photographic evidence:

He doesn't necessarily look enthralled but the mere fact that he holds it before his body like a protective charm does display the force of the predator portrait...

After painting a predator I wanted to return to my native roots. Though I was never raised with goats on the property (nor have actually been associated with any goats or grazing mammals) I felt this beast would be a perfect Christmas gift for my brother (to go with the wolf of course). This canvas is actually enormous and took quite some time to paint, considering I managed to run out of white acrylic twice whilst painting this grazing mammal. His name is Rodger and he is a Capricorn (no relation to that freak below with the tail).

A giraffe for mama. I am not sure whether she actually likes animal portraits, or if she was born with a diplomatic disposition. We will soon find out. The flash is a little extreme on this photograph, so please try to use your imagination people. I was extremely tired and possibly going blind when I took the photo. The giraffe's name is Esmeralda and she is an Aquarius.

I couldn't decide which was more bogan so I had to include both. I praise the day that I ventured into the Motueka Warehouse and purchased this modern and subtle zebra-print rug for twenty dollars. A fine purchase and an asset to the blog, nay, to the world. A brilliant and inspired friend suggested a frog for Papa. Genius. Though it was a bitch to paint amphibians after all that fur... His name is Marcus and he doesn't believe in astrology.

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