Saturday, January 17, 2009

There is beauty in this world, you just need to look harder in the far north...

Happy New Year dear readers. For the first week of 2009 I went on an epic journey with my friend Bex from Wellington to Cape Reinga. Although it was a delightful trip with many a moment of whimsy, sadly there was an alarming absence of taxidermy in the upper North Island. Luckily there were other moments of animal wonderment, here are the highlights...

"American Gothic" tastefully recreated with foul. Located behind the bus station and Subway Sandwiches in the charming town of Bulls. It was by chance that we stumbled upon this delightful 'urban art' looking for a car park in the shade. A good omen.

We stayed with some friends in Rawhiti in the Bay of Islands and went for a walk through the bush only to discover a MULTI-RACIAL family of horses. It was almost too much to bear. I continued on joyously.

We stumbled upon this mighty boar at Waitangi. I was sated in my thirst for preserved mammals. The curious glances directed my way while I excitedly approached the pig with my camera almost made the sense of satisfaction stronger. A successful trip.

Here is the latest animal portrait, the first in a while due to gallivanting and impending homelessness:

A llama that is a belated Christmas gift to my sister. No country red was consumed in the making of this llama, as I am trying to quit smoking at the moment and my will is weak. Hence the momentary teetotal. I am ashamed, no animal portraiture enthusiast should be without their strength tonic... Our reunion will be sweet.

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