Monday, March 30, 2009

Get out of my dreams and into my car...

It all started with finding a 14 year old girl's diary from the year 2000 whilst opening bulk coffee sachets. Will-enium. It continued on to viewing classic Danson pieces, Getting Even With Dad and the phenomenal social critique, Made in America. Nostalgia and longing flooded my entire consciousness. Who knew Danson was so achingly charismatic? I did, I just tried to suppress this knowledge after learning of his dark liaisons with Mary Steenburgen. Whoopi seemed like the perfect candidate....

"In 1993, while he was still legally married to Coates, Danson became romantically involved with Whoopi Goldberg, his co-star in the film "Made in America." Danson experienced substantial negative press attention after his appearance in blackface at a Friar's Club Comedy Roast in Goldberg's honor, as some guests were said to be angered by the monologue he delivered."
I think perhaps Ted was too real for them. Too shocking, too raw.

Danson is indeed an intriguing figure, one that permeates the soul and the senses.

Tom Selleck would not have been my first choice for an intimate sitting, but as a request from Beth I felt I should rise to the challenge. A rugged man, I discovered that several of my friends harboured illicit adolescent desires for the man. A strong sense of self and facial hair increases his roguish allure and my appreciation for the dapper man-about town.

I genuinely thought Keanu was a Native American/Croatian/Hawaiian/Irish god amongst mere mortals. Then he spoke and my eleven year old heart shattered with disappointment and disgust, I felt dirty and unsatisfied. Here he is in all his greasy muted glory.

These are just the first in a collection of celebrity men from days of yore, mainly concentrated from my own adolescence. The faces will get younger as our knees grow weaker.... If you have any suggestions for an adolescent crush please speak up.


Anonymous said...

Nice work. check out this heart throb: or

cubicle said...

leo dicaprio? i had a tshirt with his face on it. or uncle jessie from full house?